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Проверка уровня английского языка

Ответьте на вопросы, выбрав один из вариантов:

1. Not only __________ to London but she also visited many other places in England.
2. My sister __________ regretted turning down the chance of studying at the Teacher Training College in London.
3. Now remember, you __________ the test until the teacher tells us to.
4. She wasn't __________ to reach the ceiling.
5. He was thought __________ the disease in Pakistan.
6. My flat __________ as soon as possible. It's in an awful state.
7. He eventually managed __________ the door by kicking it hard.
8. There's no point __________ staying up all night if your exam is tomorrow.
9. Rarely __________ meat.
10. The house __________ at this time last year.


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