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How to start speaking and writing in english in 8 weeks correctly even if you consider yourself to be unable?

English teacher in Kiev

Hi there!

My name is Vladimir Boychenko. Based on 25 years of teaching experience I created a unique method protected by copyright that helps students quickly and effortlessly master foreign languages.

I teach in groups and individually. For online learning contact me on Skype: vladboy67

Creating my own method, I tried to achieve two goals: simplicity and accessibility. You can compare the material given in my videos with the material in the grammar section.

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English Teacher Vladimir Boychenko

ESL teaching experience

Опыт преподавания английского языка

I have 20 years of international teaching experience in the various schools in Ukraine, Germany, USA, South America, etc.

Subsequently, I created a universal teaching methodology based on the broad educational experience with students of different preparation levels and ages. The age of my students varies from 4 to 67!

Notably, one of my students became the only Ukrainian to enter Canadian private school in the past 80 years! Now he continues his education in The United Arab Emirates.

Many others study in the Netherlands, USA, and other countries.


Методика обучения

My method of teaching English and German is based on a unique comparative study of five European languages.

What is more, my unified grammar tables and charts will help you master English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian languages.

I believe that there is no other method like this. This technique helps prepare students for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

As a matter of fact, my students write poems and lyrics, become city guides, and show a keen interest in studying foreign languages.

Why Vladimir Boychenko?

Почему Владимир Бойченко?

I assisted in developing Interactive English language learning software. As a result, after meticulous work, the interactive CD game was presented.

I actively take part in international seminars, conferences, and master-classes. Notably, I am awarded the medal of "Excellence in Education of Ukraine". Furthermore, I was tutoring eventual winners for Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and English language academic competitions.

People keep saying that I am a person with charisma and a good sense of humor, inasmuch as a good musician. You decide who eases you into challenges of "easy-to-learn" English.

English for adults, Corporate courses

Every adult envisions his or hers study differently, this is why unified studying methods just don’t work.

I offer English language courses that provide quality learning for all ages. I follow modern tendencies in teaching, and pay a lot of attention to listening and speaking skills, as much as overcoming the fear of being wrong. Making mistakes is normal when you learn a new language.

Keeping your mouth shut won't ever teach you how to speak.

Unlike process-oriented studies, I help you achieve the best results and develop effective foreign language skills in the shortest time possible.

The tuition rate is negotiable to let you study on a budget.

Individual classes

Easy-to-understand structured classes that are designed for your needs. I work to create a comfortable learning environment using various methods and materials.

Group classes

I do my best to create a relaxed atmosphere in the group. You will develop your communication skills and learn how to use linking words in speaking. During classes, we pay attention to grammar and learn to use grammar clichés (also known as smart-maps).

Classes for kids

Kids are our future therefore in learning they require great care and a person-centered approach.

Some may call it an old-school method, others consider it outdated, yet I encourage kids to handwrite with pen or pencil on the plain paper rather than print digitally, it teaches them to be diligent and neat.

I guarantee that your kids will show great results in learning a foreign language: in just a month they'll learn to understand and speak using simple phrases. In three months, they'll learn how to write and use grammatically correct simple sentences.

I'll help them love studying languages.

Please send your comments and suggestions to help us improve!

I will prove to you that learning foreign languages is easy.

Looking forward to meeting you!

of my students entered universities abroad on the first attempt.
195 points
at Ukrainian External independent testing
91 points
7.5 points


Opening quote
I love English lessons in Bogomolets National Medical University because of our teacher. I am especially grateful for his approach to learning, highly effective lessons, and great qualification.
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Opening quote
From the first class, I understood that reports about low-quality English training in Bogomolets National Medical University were unjustified. I am impressed how Vladimir Nikolayevich involved every single student in the group into the learning process from the first minutes of the class.
Closing quote
Opening quote
I got 195 points at English External independent testing! All thanks to Vladimir Nikolayevich!
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