of my students entered universities abroad on the first attempt.
195 points
at Ukrainian External independent testing
91 points
7.5 points

About us

We are already 25 years old. Why we? Because my students and I have already been together for 25 years!
Students who help me work on the methodology of teaching, experimenting in the classroom, identify strengths and weaknesses and build a lesson so that he or she, or they, or we, would feel as comfortable as possible in learning the foreign languages.

How many times I heard about the approaches of teaching:
  "I'm not interested" or
  "All the give is very monotonous and dry," or
  "Again, these books - "fill it up and underline it" - write, write, and there is no help", Etc.
Many people, after such an approach just simply can not continue studying any foreign language. And what?...

Today, there are a lot of courses, teachers, methods and, the important thing is that: they are often quite good!
But unfortunately, not all the people believe in what they can be taught by others and they give advices, even to the teacher and respond to their own questions.
And what can we do in such situation?

Since 1991, I have been looking for the answer to this question, trying to find its own approach to every student, together we find the right answers, together we check the error, together are study and sing with a guitar our favorite songs and share impressions after the read stories, watched movies, and most importantly - everything should be honest and comfortable.

"If you can not do your best - change the profession," I say to myself.
"Teach so, as you teach yourself and put yourself onto the student's place, and you will handle it," I add.

Maybe we may try to start studying with you :)

About the method

The basis of this simple technique is the old method of "pencil + clean sheets of paper" and then compare and apply.

Here are some examples, as it can be seen in five European languages:
I am.: is a sentence.Am I?: is a question (English): word order.
Ich bin. Sentence.Bin ich? question (German): word order
Important (English)importante (Italian): the similarity of the words.
Nuovo (Italian)Nouveau (French)Nuevo (Spanish)- the similarity of the words.

Simple tables will allow you to learn at least English, and maybe German, and then French, and Spanish, and Italian

We believe that today there are not so many of such techniques.

Our method is simple, it allows you to better prepare students for such exams as IELTS, TOEFL, and like these, also it can improve your speaking skills and you'll use everything during your conversations. Using the tables, we can write you poems and make up songs, and sing them :)

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