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195 points
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English level test

Проверьте Ваш уровень английского языка по Британской и общеевропейской (CEFR) шкале оценивания.

Ответьте на вопросы, выбрав один из вариантов:

1. __________ a brother?
2. I like __________ .
3. She lives __________ the mountains.
4. How __________ money do you have?
5. My daughter __________ 3 years old.
6. They __________ a new Porshe to New York.
7. Is __________ a safe in your office? Yes, behind the picture.
8. How __________ does it take you to get to work?
9. She is the __________ girl in the group.
10. I __________ my teacher.
11. His mother looks __________ his children.
12. Would you like ___________ grapes?
13. If __________ give me some time, I'll write a new report.
14. I didn't know the word so I __________ it up.
15. Remember __________ to the supermarket, won't you?
16. You look unwell, you __________ go to bed.
17. Perhaps you need to be more __________ of your colleagues.
18. I'm looking forward __________ you again.
19. How long __________ out with Peter?
20. Nowadays many processes __________ .
21. The car skidded and I thought we __________ crash.
22. If I __________ a lot of money, I'd keep it.
23. I've no idea where __________ .
24. You __________ her divorce, it's a sore point.
25. Drop me __________ when you're in Paris.
26. I'm not going with you, I __________ this film twice.
27. I really put my __________ in it when I asked how old she was.
28. She __________ be quite overweight when she was a teenager.
29. I'd like to take __________ cookery lessons.
30. I could have done better if I __________ for the test.
31. I'd like to lose some weight so I've stopped _________ sweets.
32. When I got to the village I found it rather __________ .
33. I wouldn't mind _________ if he helped around the house.
34. His hair and clothes were wet because he __________ in the river.
35. Her superior attitude really turns me __________ .
36. The service was so bad that I really felt I had to __________ a formal complaint.
37. See you soon! Have a __________ time.
38. We will __________ your money in full if you are not satisfied.
39. I have __________ sales experience.
40. The new sculpture near the station is horrible, it's a real __________ .
41. By 2020 people will __________ solar energy extensively.
42. The bomb was about to go off but the experts managed to __________ it.
43. It __________ Peter in his silly yellow shirt at the party, he was going to come.
44. Since he became a traffic warden, he regards every motorist __________ a potential criminal!
45. You're a computer expert, Jane. Could I __________ a minute?
46. David's just broken __________ with his girlfriend and he's feeling a bit low.
47. If you insist __________ your case to court you risk losing everything.
48. I admitted to __________ a mistake.
49. __________ making money, the company aims to set high standards of quality and design.
50. I __________ because I was in plenty of time.
51. Never in my life __________ so frightened.
52. The company __________ so much money now if it hadn't carried out the restructuring programme last year.


Right answers:
According to the British scale your level of English is:
Your CEFR level of English is: