Double-click Translator website plugin

We are glad to announce the JavaScript library for quick translation of English text into Russian. Translation is performed with New Big English-Russian Dictionary. To see the translation please double-click on a word. Below you can see this plugin in action:

In her favor, I go naked, live in a cheap room, eat rubbish, write with pale ink. Everything, everything she eats, insatiable! I hate her, despise her... For a long time it is time to divorce her, but I'm not, I am still not because Moscow lawyers take for a divorce four thousand... children... we do not have any... Do you want to know her name? Very well... It is poetic and sounds like Lily, Lelia, Nellie... Her name is - laziiiiiiness.
A.P. Chekhov - My "she"
Translated by V. Boychenko

Adding to your website

There are two ways to include the plugin: the simple one and the advanced one (with the ability to configure)

For the simple including just put the following HTML-code into any place of your page:
<script src="" data-autoload="1"></script>

The advanced way gives you the ability to configure plugin, e.g. set translation panel width and height, choose HTML-element to translate, etc.
<script src=""></script>
    node: document.getElementById('example_box'),
    width: 450,
    height: 300

Full list of options see below.

jQuery integration

The library also works as jQuery plugin:

<script src=""></script>
    width: 450,
    height: 300

List of options

Option Default value Description
node document.body HTML-element to translate
width 500 Translation panel width
height 300 Translation panel height
headerHtml 'Double-click Translator' Translation panel header HTML-code
footerHtml 'Powered by <a href="" target="_blank">English Prosto</a>' Translation panel footer HTML-code
loadingHtml 'Loading, please wait...' Translation panel loading element HTML-code
zIndex 10000000 Translation panel z-index CSS-property. Set in case of the overlap by other elements
cssFile undefined URL to CSS-file to be injected into translation panel iframe-element. Set if you want to change translation panel style

Browser compatibility

The library is compatible with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE7+

Promo materials

If you like the plugin you can help us improve it by putting the link with the image to you website:

Double-click Translator
Embed code:
<a href="" target="_blank" title="Дважды щелкните по слову чтобы получить перевод"><img src="" alt="Double-click Translator"></a>

Thank you for your time!


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