of my students entered universities abroad on the first attempt.
195 points
at Ukrainian External independent testing
91 points
7.5 points

English level test

Ответьте на вопросы, выбрав один из вариантов:

1. When Michael arrived at the party, his friend __________.
2. If I __________ on holiday to Finland, I wouldn't have met Mary.
3. By the time you get this letter I __________.
4. A: What are you doing tonight? B: I'm not sure, I __________ to the cinema.
5. Simon forgot __________ the lights before he left.
6. It's no use __________ to him. He doesn't listen.
7. Dave was offered the job __________ having poor qualifications.
8. The offer was too good for David to turn __________.
9. Eric's father ordered him __________ out late again.
10. If only I __________ to the barbecue instead of staying at home.


Right answers: